Light MG Fast Water Caddis

May 4, 2020 - Less than a minute read


Here is the Light MG Fast Water Caddis dry fly. A good floater because of the super quality Whiting hackle and floating properties of CDC. I also tie a Medium and Dark version. An effective “prospecting” fly for me over riffles and runs.
Hook: #12-#16
Thread: Cream or Light Gray
Body: Tan Australian Opossum fur
Palmer Hackle: Whiting Barred Ginger
Rib: Fine Gold Wire
Underwing: Natural Dun CDC feather
Overwing: Stacked Whiting Grizzly Variant CDL rooster barbs
Collar Hackle: Whiting Silver Badger
Tied by Michael Gula
Light MG Fast Water Caddis tied by Michael Gula, whiting farms pro team