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Whiting Farms, Inc has 10 major genetic lines that provide over 80 different products for the discriminating fly tier. Each line is bred for a specific tying purpose covering fresh and saltwater flies. Whiting Farms, Inc has the best selection of dry fly, wet fly and saltwater hackle for the best tying creations.


The ultimate dry fly cape or saddle! The Whiting line has the stiffest, most dense hackle for tying the best floating dry flies in the world.

One of our more recent additions, this line offers the widest range of colors available of all the dry fly lines. Available in a single standard grade comparable to our Whiting Bronze.

The traditionalist’s choice! The Hebert Miner™ line offers the best range of natural duns, browns, creams, and badger available to the dry fly tiers of the world.

Large cape feathers and extra-long saddle feathers make this the most sought after feather for saltwater, warm water, and wet fly patterns.

Quite possibly the most versatile of the Whiting products. Create dry fly and nymph tails, wooly bugger collars, large dry fly hackle…the possibilities are endless. Whiting Farms is the only breeder in the world to offer Coq de Leon in Rooster and Hen, and feathers on the pelt.

In the search for new and innovative products for fly tying, Dr. Tom Whiting has taken the average “barnyard bird” and created another fly tying marvel, the “4B” line. The Roosters provide a supple quill, great for collaring, streamer wings, and quill bodies. Round, webby hen feathers are great for soft hackles, legs, wing cases, and even dry fly wings. The possibilities are endless!

The new standard for soft hackles. Great mottling on a subtle natural medium dun color. Partridges around the world have been saved!

Unique to the fly tying world, Spey capes and saddles are hair-like in appearance. A great substitute for tying salmon flies and shrimp patterns that call for Heron.

Once again, Dr. Tom Whiting has taken an average bird and done great things. Our Guinea fowl is the highest quality around. Known primarily for Atlantic Salmon patterns, this unique feather is making its way onto fly tying benches of trout fishers everywhere. For the serious tier, buy a full skin. Want to try it but don’t want to commit to a full skin? We offer Guinea Fowl as a cape, saddle, thigh, breast, and tail.