Fly Envy CDC Emerger

August 29, 2020 - Less than a minute read

Emergers can make the day. I couldn’t resist tying this up. I’ve been playing around replacing deer or elk hair with CDC on crippled mayfly patterns. The CDC is more buggy and buoyant. What do you think? ⠀

Recipe: – Partridge Ideal Dry Fly Hook (look at that bend!)

– Whiting’s CDL tail

– Nature’s Spirit Ozark Turkey quill body

– Whiting’s Cream Badger Hackle – Hareline tan select CDC wings – Semperfli olive 30/0 nano-silk

Fly Envy CDC Emerger Emergers can make the day tied by @flyenvy When I found out the theme for this week's #whipfinishwednesday was CDC