Baby Crayfish Pattern

July 30, 2020 - 1 minute read


Baby Crayfish by @the_quilted_tyer

Baby Crayfish Pattern

Hook: Sprite Streamer Hook #8

Thread: 6/0 Tan

Weight: Fish skull Shrimp and Cray Tail in SMALL/GOLD

Antennae/Head: Whiting Superbou in Brown, Copper Flash and Green pumpkin barred Rubber legs tied in at the base of the hook shank

Claws: Two feathers from a Whiting Hebert Miner wet fly saddle in wild type brown and brown marabou

Ribbing: Brown Wire tied in at the base of the hook

Body: A Long brown marabou feather tied in at the front, then twisted and wrapped back towards the hook bend.

Note: When creating the body, let the marabou tips extend over the hook eye and use your hackle pliers to grab the feather at the base before twisting it into a rope and wrapping it backwards towards the hook bend. You can then bring the wire forward over the twisted body in evenly spaced wraps, continuing up the shank before tying your material off behind the hook eye

The Olive crayfish is tied using a whiting Freshwater Streamer Cape in badger dyed Olive, change the colors of these flies based on the naturals in your area.