Milford, NH,

Peggy Brenner resides in NH, one hour from some of the best saltwater and freshwater fly fishing in New England. She has been tying for two decades now; my specialty is flies that fish well in New England and on down to the Florida Keys. Starting  with the basic trout and saltwater flies, progressing to Classic Maine Streamers at United Fly Tyers and now Classic Salmon flies with a one year apprenticeship through the NH Council for the Arts; Traditional Arts Program. Newly retired, I have my second apprentice through the same program for a year (2017) to pass on the skills. She ties for a select group of customers, as well as giving instruction with a focus on Ladies and children’s classes, presentations, and demonstrations around the country for shops and clubs.

Peggy was a feature fly tier as part of the; “A Graceful Rise” exhibit featuring women of the past, present, and future influential to the world of fly fishing at the American Fly Fishing Museum. Peggy is a Board member Fly Tying Group and Fly Tying Chair of the IFFF Faire (2017), past President of International Women’s Fly Fishers, Adviser to United Fly Tyers,. Peggy is also a member of several pro-staff teams including Whiting Farms, Partridge of Redditch, Regal and several others. Mostly I enjoy fly fishing with my husband Jerry and we both like to share the sport with others.