Nicole March
New Jersey

Nicole grew up fishing the lakes in upstate and western New York with her father. While she’s always had a love for being on the water, she didn’t dive into the art of fly tying until much later in life. After grabbing a fly tying kit, a stack of books, and burning through all the material in one afternoon, she set out on a quest for more knowledge. Nicole may have a soft spot for tying and fishing wet flies and streamers, but she doesn’t limit herself to becoming an expert on any one subject. For her, it’s more about becoming a well-rounded fly tyer and fly fisher, so as to adapt to different conditions on the water.

I like to tell anyone starting out… “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We all began as beginners. I still ask questions, I love to learn, nothing to be ashamed of. There is a wealth of knowledge out there between the books, videos, seminars, organizations, tying shows and the many, many like-minded people who enjoy teaching… so take advantage of it. Attend a seminar, grab a notebook and ask your questions. Enjoy this new found love of tying and fishing you have found and dive right into it, because it will never stop teaching you. Of course there will be days when you don’t catch fish, except that many of us aren’t out there only for the fish; we are out there for ourselves, for the peace and quiet, and for the learning experience. And there will always be room for personal improvement; that’s what makes this so exciting.”

When she isn’t tying flies and fishing, Nicole works as an E.M.T, A Certified home health aide who cares for seniors and Alzheimer’s Patients and a Medical Tattooist who specializes in pigmentation reconstruction to camouflage scars on breast and skin cancer survivors. She is a New York State Licensed Guide, the fly Fishing/Fly Tying instructor for 6th to 8th graders at Ridgewood Parks and Recreation in New Jersey; the current Secretary for the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild, a Senior Mentor of Kids on the Fly in Lafayette, N.J. as well as a contributor to Fly Tyer Magazine and the Dette Flies fly tying guides.