Ledgewood, NJ

mikemc@regalvise.com riseformstudio.tv

Michael began fly fishing at the age of ten with his father on the Famed Battenkill River in NY and VT. He is a Professional Fly Fishing Guide, Presenter, Video Podcaster, Writer, and Fly Tying Instructor for the Regal Fly Tying School. When he is not Tying, Fishing, or otherwise engaged in shenanigans, Michael is employed by Regal Vise as Director of Marketing, Web, and Pro Staff Development.

If it swims, Michael will throw a fly at it. He Fly Fishes and Ties Flies for all manner of fresh and saltwater species. Fly fishing on the East Coast all 12 months of the year, some of his favorite fish include Trout, Weakfish, Steelhead, Bass, Carp, Shad, Pike, Striped Bass, and False Albacore. Michael favors well tied simple guide style flies.

Michael divides his time equally between his family, Fly Fishing/Guiding/Tying, and commercial design/web work. Somehow he still finds time to fish occasionally and tell you that you need to clean up your drift.  He is a proud member of the REGAL VISE, Partridge of Redditch, and Whiting Farms Pro Staffs.