Scappoose, OR

I began fly fishing at a young age. My father, (my best friend), purchased a JC Higgins fly rod outfit for me. The purchase of that outfit began a life-long love affair with fly-fishing.

Throughout my career as an educator (spanning more than 45 years), as a Teacher, Principal, Assistant Superintendent, and Professor of Education at Warner Pacific College my love for teaching has continually grown.

I got my start in the fly fishing industry in 1983 at Stewart’s Custom Tackle.  At that time, I taught fly tying classes from beginning to advanced.   I instructed fly fishing seminars.  In those seminars, I did in-store demonstrations on knot tying, entomology and reading streams.  I co-taught with Doug Stewart the on-the-river portion which covered instruction on casting and general fly fishing techniques.

My passion for teaching and learning has grown with time. Through these years, I have learned many lessons, one of which is that learning has to be relevant and fun. I find teaching fly fishing, fly casting, and fly tying a great opportunity to give back, share my passion, and what I have learned. I love to see people get excited about learning. It is exciting to see people tie their first fly, cast their first cast or catch the first fish on a fly. The joy of learning is a powerful motivator.

Since my academic retirement I have become a certified fly fishing guide and instructor for Water Time Outfitters, I instruct/teach fly fishing schools, I teach and present fly fishing, throughout the Pacific Northwest. My presentations are seen by hundreds at shows throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. I currently co-instruct a fly fishing school at Clydehurst Ranch in McLeod Montana. I am a long-time member of the IFFF

I am a co-founder and Director of Northwest Christian Fly Flyfishing Inc.  Our organization has put on a fly-fishing camp since 1995.  The camp, Christian Fly Fishing Roundup, has been attended by upwards of ninety men yearly from all over the Pacific Northwest and as far away as the east coast.  This is a complete fly fishing event with casting, fishing, fly tying, knot tying and discussion groups. You can learn more about our camp by viewing

I am on the following Professional Staffs:

  • Daiichi Hooks
  • Nor Vice
  • Whiting Farms Ambassador
  • Temple Fork Outfitters
  • Jim Teeny Lines