Waterloo, NY


LeVern “VERN-O” Burm has been fly fishing for 18+ years, and fly tying for nearly as long. He’s lived in the Upstate New York area his entire life and fishes the Finger Lakes, Great Lakes, Catskills, Adirondacks, and all the waterways in between. Fly tying soon developed from a hobby to a passion, and eventually into a side business, Custom Flies By VERN-O. He’s been tying commercially for 8+ years. His love of tying comes from a background in science and art. He puts his heart and creativity into his fly tying, and what he produces at the vise is an extension of what drives him from inside. VERN-O enjoys tying soft hackle flies and fishable spey flies, but also dabbles outside these realms as well. He has a fondness for chasing steelhead and fish that swim. Follow him on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter