John Ferguson
East Ayrshire, Scotland

I’m from a small village called Dalmellington, in the east of Scotland. Fishing and fly tying has always been a way of life for me and my family, So naturally I would be involved.

I’ve been tying flies and fishing from an early age, took it more seriously when my father passed away 5 years ago. My main species I tie for is, Wild brown trout, Sea trout, and Atlantic salmon, with some Brooch Pins and Fly Plate’s keeping me occupied on off season. My YouTube channel is purposely for helping others with technical skills to make tying easier, Facebook and Instagram for fly promo and inspirational pictures etc. Recently I’ve started to teach classes to the local adults from my village, as I strive to help, educate, and inspire more to take part in the sport, while giving back what I’ve learned is important… As long as I can get them catching fish on flies they have tied, my jobs complete. My whole life is based around… Family first with fly Tying second and fly fishing last. Education with Plenty practice and the sheer will never to give up, this is what’s made my success so I guess Hard work really does pay off.

Thanks very much all the best. John