Garren Wood
Corvallis, OR

Garren Wood’s fly tying adventure started as a child by watching his father tie flies for fishing trips at the kitchen table.  He loved looking through his fathers tackle box at the feathers, threads, and hackle.  It wasn’t long after that he received a fly tying kit of his own and was able to tie is own creations.  Being on a tight budget, he tied flies for friends and high school teachers to earn money for additional tying materials.  Garren expanded his tying repertoire and learned how to tie woven body flies from Joe Ayre while attending college in Idaho.  He took the inspiration of braiding and learned how to do kumihimo braiding on a fly which incorporates 16 strands of floss braided on a fly.  After graduating from college, he moved to Oregon and learned to tie steelhead flies from Al Brunell.

He has written and did the photography for several articles in fly fishing and tying magazines. He enjoys traveling and tying at shows across the country.

He enjoys tying all types of flies and exploring new materials and techniques.  He looks forward to sharing with others what he has learned and the friendships that are created from this community.  You can see more of his work on his Instagram page – and his website –