Erik Svendsen
Lindon, UT

Erik is a husband and father of 3 children. Although relatively new to fly fishing and fly tying, he quickly gained a passion for both and became instantly addicted.  His family and friends grew tired of seeing and hearing about his new obsession so the “Svenddiesel” Instagram account was created, named after his high school nickname.

“I don’t know why, but fly tying just makes sense to me.  It’s a way that I can de-stress from my day, and accomplish a start to finish product in a matter of minutes or sometimes a few hours.” 

He has pushed himself with fly challenges, had a goal of tying a different fly every day for several years, and is always on the lookout for new materials to try and trick the pickiest of fish.  He is known on social media as one who has fun with tying and the sport as a whole, but loves to fish.

 “I don’t get out fishing as much as I would like, with a young family it’s hard, but I can almost always sit down and tie a fly or a dozen flies before I go to bed.”

Erik is on several pro teams and ambassador programs in the industry.  He can be found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktok as @Svenddiesel. When his schedule allows, he works with Boy Scout troops and local High School Clubs teaching fly tying.