Streamer Fishing Getting Started

April 2, 2020 - 6 minutes read


Streamer Fishing Getting Started, a Quick How to Guide

Fishermen, and General Outdoor Person’s know – the best time to catch any prey on your menu is while the sun slips below the horizon or right before it comes up in the morning. It is then you find the most active, hungry samples on your “must catch” list. And when we’re talking about fishing streamers, these “basics” do not change. Seems simple enough: You get on out there when the fish are looking for something good to eat.

However, there’s also another time to watch out for when wishing to tie on a streamer fly, and that is when the sun has been muted by a glorious rainstorm. After all, heavy rain will boost the water levels and cause the smaller baitfish to end up traveling in the main water column instead of hiding down below. The baitfish come out…and the feeding frenzy begins.

But when it comes to the location you choose – whether wishing to take your pick of those trout  or other fresh water prey that are having a good meal from the bank, a lake, or a rain covered stream, there are little tips to remember in order to make the best of every locale.

When it comes to a lake, you can best imitate the movement of the baitfish by utilizing an active retrieve with pauses that are irregular. This inconsistency allows you to create that natural “look” and feel of the baitfish in order to confuse the trout and larger fish just waiting to strike. Another technique you have the ability to try is dead drifting the fly. Sending the streamer into the strike zone using weighted streamers, or a sinking tip line, may be the path you walk. If so, there are a range of sink tip lines to choose from, depending on how deep you want to go into the lake and how fast you want your fly to get there.

If at the stream, anglers state that in a small water structure the best way to fish streamers is to cast into pools and slower water, especially where plant life can be found hanging over the area. And one of the best techniques to try is the classic roll cast and mend when it comes to streamers. The best way to see what works for you is to try it all – from swinging the fly through the water to using a dead drift (as stated above), you will find your best performance. And don’t forget those irregular pauses and casts that will create that realistic movement in order to make the trout come to you.

Lastly, when standing on the bank, by casting to the other shore – less than six inches from the corresponding bank – you can create the impression that your line is that elusive baitfish that’s been drawn out of its hiding place below the water and will now have the trout gravitate directly towards it. By stripping short, fast lengths the trout will absolutely assume they’re looking at their injured, tasty meal. And even better, they won’t know it will be their last one.

Never take your eyes off the line, however; because that one keen talent you own is what it will take to catch sight of all the ultimate strikes to your line!

Recipe for Whiting Feather Gamechanger:

Some people may or may not have some extra time to tie some all feather gamechangers. Here’s one of my videos tying them and there are tons of great tyers who have also posted them to YouTube. Try one out if you have some extra time this weekend. The Recipe: Hook: #ahrexhooks FW320 size 2 and TP610 size 2/0 Thread: #semperfliflytying Shanks: 2 x 15 mm, 1 x 20 mm Tail: #whitingfarms Herbert Miner black Body: #whitingfarms Freshwater Streamer silver badger Head: 1 x American Hackle black Eyes: #harelinedubbin 3D 3/8 eyes Resin: #semperfliflytying no tack UV Learn More about Fly Tying Hackles:

Recipe for the Simple Leech:

Simple Leech. Great for trout, bass, panfish, carp and who knows. Always have a box of these on me and they are simple and quick to reload.
#flytying #svendflies
Hook: Gamakatsu B10s size 2 – 4
Thread: #semperfi Waxed thread 6/0
Bead: Brass Gold Cone
Tail: #whitingfarms Superbou
Flash: Krystal Flash
Body: Zero Gravity dubbing from #snakeriverfly
Glue: Z-ment