Unique to the fly tying world, Spey capes and saddles are hair-like in appearance. A great substitute for tying salmon flies and shrimp patterns that call for Heron.


Spey Rooster Capes and Saddles

Spey Rooster Capes and Saddles replace the spey style heron feathers that are expensive and hard to find. Great for salmon, spey flies, and shrimp patterns.


Spey Hen Capes and Saddles

A smaller version of the Spey Rooster, the Spey Hen Cape and Saddle are great for smaller size salmon, sea trout, and spey flies.


Spey Soft Hackle with Chickabou

Soft, fluffy feathers cover the whole pelt. Another great feather for tying salmon, spey, sea trout, and saltwater patterns.


Spey Super ‘Bou

With more movement and durability than Marabou, use Super ‘Bou for any recipe calling for Marabou.


Bird Fur

There is no need for synthetics here. Make flies come to life with this long, wispy fur like feather. More natural movement than synthetics make this the preferred material for buggers, streamers, leeches, shrimp, spey and more.