Once again, Dr. Tom Whiting has taken an average bird and done great things. Our Guinea fowl is the highest quality around. Known primarily for Atlantic Salmon patterns, this unique feather is making its way onto fly tying benches of trout fishers everywhere. For the serious tier, buy a full skin. Want to try it but don’t want to commit to a full skin? We offer Guinea Fowl as a cape, saddle, thigh, breast, and tail.


Guinea Full Skin

Run the gamut with a full skin. Every size guinea feather plus wings for all your guinea tying needs.


Guinea Cape, Saddle, Breast, Wings, Thigh, Tail

Guinea Cape: These feathers are typically too small for salmon flies but perfect for trout patterns, nymphs, and dry flies.
Guinea Saddle: This pelt provides the best value with dense feather count and large size range. This pelt is also preferred for the smaller dots that provide great mottling and speckling.
Guinea Breast: Large feathers with large dots, great for salmon and steelhead patterns.
Guinea Wings: Great for unique wet fly wings or small nymph bodies, wing cases, and legs.
Guinea Thigh: Large feathers and large dots with some speckled feathers available. Great for salmon flies.
Guinea Tail: The tail has both length and symmetry, great for married wings.