Large cape feathers and extra-long saddle feathers make this the most sought after feather for saltwater, warm water, and wet fly patterns.


American Rooster Capes and Saddles

Capes: Large sturdy, webby feathers great for streamers, saltwater, and bass patterns and wet flies.
Saddles: Webby, tapered feathers great for streamers, saltwater and bass patterns, salmon and steelhead.


American Hen Capes and Saddles

Capes: Round, webby feathers make this pelt extremely versatile. Tie dry fly wings, stone fly legs, sculpin fins, or legs and tails on poppers. These are the widest hen cape feathers Whiting currently offers.
Saddles: Wide and webby, these saddle feathers are great for bass and saltwater patterns, wet flies, salmon, and steelhead.


American Soft Hackle with Chickabou

Two very unique feathers in 1 pelt. The first feather, the soft hackle, is a wide, webby, soft feather great for large collars on salmon, steelhead, bass, and saltwater flies. The second feather, the chickabou is a smaller marabou. Much finer than turkey marabou, the chickabou is excellent for small streamers, leech patterns, dragonfly, and damselfly nymphs.