In the search for new and innovative products for fly tying, Dr. Tom Whiting has taken the average “barnyard bird” and created another fly tying marvel, the “4B” line. The Roosters provide a supple quill, great for collaring, streamer wings, and quill bodies. Round, webby hen feathers are great for soft hackles, legs, wing cases, and even dry fly wings. The possibilities are endless!


4 B Rooster Capes and Saddles

Capes: Very densely hackled, these capes are great for streamer wings and saltwater deceivers, wooly buggers, and even large dry fly hackle.
Saddles: Large saddle hackle for wet flies, salmon, and sea trout flies.


4 B Hen Capes and Saddles

Capes with large, dense feathers and partial web, great for collaring or nymph legs. Try a saddle for a softer, webbier collar for more movement in the fly.